MyRoomie's new SafeStay feature: Offering a helping hand in emergencies

MyRoomie, the fast growing platform cohabitation, today announces the creation of a new feature, MyRoomie SafeStay. This initiative enables homeowners to offer their spare rooms to individuals and families in difficult circumstances such as natural disasters, personal crises or emergency situations.

"Today we are taking an important step for the platform as we introduce the MyRoomie SafeStay feature," said Dominicos Pritis, Founder and CEO of MyRoomie. "Given the unpredictable nature of life, we aim to create a platform that not only connects individuals for cohabitation but also offers a helping hand to those who need it most."

Through operation MyRoomie SafeStay, property owners can offer their support to those in need by providing their spare rooms in situations such as natural disasters (fires, earthquakes, coke floods), health emergencies, cases of domestic violence, homelessness or when people are threatened.

MyRoomie SafeStay also provides a user-friendly Contact Form which allows those in need to communicate instantly. Based on the information MyRoomie receives, it will reach out to homeowners with available rooms as well as partner NGOs and related organizations for assistance.

"Our users now have the opportunity to provide real, practical help to the community," said Dominicos Pritis. "We encourage our community members to embrace this new feature, thereby playing a key role in providing support to those in need."

At MyRoomie, we want the safety of all parties involved. Therefore, homeowners participating in the MyRoomie SafeStay feature will need to adhere to a set of guidelines and terms of use.