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Introducing the Cost Savings Calculator!

Wondering about the potential savings you can achieve by choosing cohabitation? Our user-friendly app is here to help you learn.

Whether you're a young professional, student or someone looking to save some extra money, our app provides a quick assessment of the financial benefits of flatsharing.

Simply enter your current monthly expenses, including rent, utilities and other living expenses. Specify the number of people you plan to share the apartment with and our app will do its magic. The shared expenses, average rent and fixed costs depend on it to give you an idea of how much money you could save by adopting the cohabitation lifestyle.

But we don't stop there! For those who want to dive deeper, you can even enter your room size in square meters to calculate your proportional share of rent and fixed costs. That way, you get a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific circumstances.

Discover the power of cohabitation and unlock your potential savings today. The Cost Savings Calculator is more than just a tool. is a smart companion designed to showcase the financial advantages of flatsharing.

Embrace cohabitation, split the bills and enjoy the savings. Try the Expense Savings Calculator now and take the first step towards a more economical lifestyle!


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