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Kathimerini: MyRoomie: Would you room with a stranger? MyRoomie: The platform that finds you a roommate - raised 120,000 euros – Dominicos Pritis, founder of the MyRoomie application MyRoomie: The strategic response to the new wave of co-living in Europe Article about MyRoomie MyRoomie on an upward trajectory – the alternative housing solution MyRoomie bridges the traditional real estate market with the future MyRoomie addresses accuracy and promotes sustainability D. Pritis – MyRoomie: Greeks are discovering cohabitation due to high rents – The new, modern and secure roommate finding platform MyRoomie tackles accuracy with a co-housing platform Digital Sundays with Valia Kaimaki – Interview about MyRoomie Article about housing and MyRoomie's role Research: Students and cohabitation in Greece Housing costs: Cohabitation creates a new market at 800 billion dollars by 2025 A smart cohabitation platform makes the difference Cohabitation is a weapon against accuracy Dominicos Pritis This is how funds from Dragons' Den will be used Expensive housing and the cohabitation solution Greeks turn to cohabitation because of punctuality
GreekFinanceForum: Article on cohabitation The Greeks are turning to cohabitation to fight punctuality Rents that students turn to to save money The ultimate guide for cohabitation Research on cohabitation in large urban centers and rent prices Why is the idea of cohabitation gaining momentum in Greece? Students turn to cohabitation to save money Rent – Students in Greece are turning to roommates to save money Why students in Greece turn to cohabitation Great accuracy in Greece leads to cohabitation Startupper Mag Issue 33 Dominicos Pritis – MyRoomie: More and more people are turning to its solution How much does a student house cost today in the biggest cities of Greece Rentals - Everything you need to know about student housing Student housing - Rents in big cities Student Housing - Asking rental prices in key student cities What is happening in Patras with the student residences? Asking rental rates Student Housing - Rental prices Affordable rent for students – Which city has the highest and which city has the lowest prices What about rental prices in key cities where students are looking for houses In search of student housing - The city with the cheapest rents MyRoomie – End of punctuality and promotion of sustainability MyRoomie's suggestions for the European co-living wave MyRoomie – The ultimate guide for roommates MyRoomie – A modern platform for roommates Dominicos Pritis – Investments from “Dragons' Den” for MyRoomie MyRoomie – Strategic response to the co-living wave in Europe MyRoomie SafeStay – Help in emergency situations Dominicos Pritis - The increase in cohabitation in Greece Cohabitation – The solution to expensive rents Europe and the shared economy as a solution to accuracy Article about cohabitation MyRoomie – 4 Stories from users Article about the financial Rising rents lead to cohabitation Rent - Stories of daily madness from 4 roommates Rent - Where are students turning? Students in Greece are turning to cohabitation for financial reasons Student accommodation – The map of rents in main cities of Greece Student house - Rent and the fashion of all-inclusive Research - Greeks are turning to cohabitation due to punctuality MyRoomie – Innovative roommate platform to be precise Roommate wanted - How Greeks deal with punctuality Student house - Expensive and cheap rent in Greece Student housing - Requested rental prices in key cities MyRoomie – The Greek app for finding roommates expands to Europe MyRoomie – Innovative co-housing platform against punctuality Student housing - Cohabitation due to high rents MyRoomie SafeStay has arrived Real estate research - Sales prices in the last 5 years MyRoomie – Cohabitation platform against punctuality House rent in reduction Cohabitation in large urban centers Research - 43% finds it difficult to rent a house alone Research on cohabitation and rent prices in Greece Expensive rents lead to cohabitation The "Airbnb" of roommates and the increase in the cost of living in Greece Finding a student house is Calvary - Which is the cheapest city according to a survey Cohabitation is the antidote to high rents for young people Is cohabitation an antidote to rent accuracy? Forced cohabitation due to expensive rents Refene Rent - Accuracy leads to cohabitation in large urban centers