About us

Welcome to MyRoomie, your destination for unique roommate experiences!

Our story

The concept of cohabitation – sharing a living space with others who are not family – is steadily gaining popularity. At MyRoomie, we recognize the potential of this lifestyle to not only provide a practical solution to the rising cost of living, but also to offer a wealth of benefits that can enrich lives in unexpected ways.

Based in Greece and Poland, we are passionate about strengthening vibrant and thriving communities and plan to expand our operations to more countries across the European Union. We understand that cohabitation is more than just sharing a space. it's about building a community, making new friendships and making memories that last a lifetime.

Our approach

At MyRoomie, we make living together easy and enjoyable. We match you with compatible roommates or roommates, ensuring a positive roommate experience. We also provide a safe and transparent environment for communication between roommates.

Our values

Community and networking: We believe in the power of community and the opportunities that come from living with a diverse group of people. Whether you're new in town or looking to expand your social circle, MyRoomie can help you make meaningful connections.

Shared responsibilities: We understand that sharing a living space also means sharing responsibilities. From dividing chores to sharing the burden of maintenance tasks, MyRoomie facilitates smoother and more harmonious living conditions.

Flexibility: We recognize the transient nature of the modern lifestyle. That's why many of our cohabitations offer more flexible lease terms than traditional rentals.

Sustainability: We promote the efficient use of space and utilities, contributing to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By sharing resources, cohabitation is a sustainable way of life.

Join us at MyRoomie and join our community. Start your cohabitation journey today!