5+1 Apps for every student smartphone

Managing your student life in the digital age can be much better with the right apps. Here are six top apps you should have on your smartphone:

1. Duolingo

Whether you're studying in a new country and want to learn the local language or just want to learn a new language for the duration, Duolingo makes language learning fun and lessons a breeze. You can learn 30+ languages in just a few minutes a day.

Available for iOS and Android.

2. Google Keep

This app lets you jot down ideas, notes, and lists. You can add links, attachments, audio and more. It syncs across all your devices so your notes are always accessible. You will never forget the supermarket list again.

Available for iOS and Android.

3. eFood

Too busy to cook or just fancy a bite to eat? eFood, an app that needs no introduction, comes to your rescue. With a huge range of restaurants and supermarkets to choose from, your options are almost limitless!

Available for iOS and Android.

4. Google Drive

An essential cloud storage app, Google Drive lets you store, share, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It's a great tool for group projects and ensures you never miss an important task.

Available for iOS and Android.

5. TikTok

When you need a break from reading, TikTok is your entertainment app. You'll find a wide range of content – from hilarious memes and dances to video tutorials and DIY hacks. And of course the saying "I pretend what I think..." which, in case you didn't know, was first said by the Founder of MyRoomie on the Dragon's Den show.

Who knows, you might become the next TikTok star!

Available for iOS and Android.

6. MyRoomie

Finding suitable accommodation is a key part of student life. MyRoomie simplifies this process by providing a platform to find roommates, rooms or houses for students. Browse various ads, contact potential roommates securely and have everything ready before you set foot on campus. A! And with the "student24" coupon you get a 100% discount on the MyRoomie Plus package to have greater security and comfort in your search and ads.

Available for installation at myroomie.gr

With a balance between productivity, utility and fun, these apps are here to help you through your student life!