5 things you should pay attention to in your search for a roommate

1. Whether you're searching the classifieds or filing your lawsuit, pay attention to the details: for example, we all love cats but you might have an allergy, state that in your ad and search through the filters looking for existing ads.

2. Time is money and we are not about expenses. If you have singled out interesting ads, put them in your favorites and make sure to act immediately. The average time from listing to completion of an ad is approximately two weeks.

3. We have also taken care of the disabled, if you belong to a special category you will definitely be interested in the existence of elevators or other transportation infrastructure, you can select it in the search filters.

4. To eliminate any concerns we created the verification process. This way you know which users and which ads are verified.

5. Create a profile and enter as much information as you can, do the same in the ads. This way you will save time with clarifying questions and increase the chances of finding a roommate immediately!