[Research] Greeks are turning to cohabitation to fight punctuality 

According to a survey of the roommate platform MyRoomie.gr, the Greeks in 60% percent would consider cohabiting so that they can "get by" because of her accuracy and her energy crisis.  

A diverse sample of Greek citizens divided by gender was asked to answer a series of questions (55% women, 45% men), ages 22 – 48 years old and regions throughout Greece. 

According to the same research, the 80% know what flat-sharing is while more than 80% answered that the reasons that will them they pushed for cohabitation would be economical.  

In the reasons that might have prevented someone from cohabiting with security/fear/trust had the overwhelming response rate with almost 100%

Finally to the question of what is considered important in a roommate-finding platform security came first, followed by usability and data protection

The first months of operation of MyRoomie.gr come to confirm the above data as it not only appears significant increase in user registration/ad registration touching the +400% month to month but it seems that cohabitation is serious way out from accuracy.  

For history, countries such as Czech Republic, England, Poland, Spain have embraced it flat-sharing The moment when Hellas now seems ready to welcome this new reality. 

The MyRoomie.gr started precisely to fill this need, actually as a problem faced by the Founder. THE difficulty finding a roommate, h security and the non specialized platforms were some of the issues that led to the creation of MyRoomie.gr. 

[Research] Greeks turn to cohabitation to fight punctuality 1
[Research] Greeks are turning to cohabitation to fight punctuality

At MyRoomie.gr.gr, someone can either have a room and is looking for someone to cohabit, whether looking to rent a room, move in and look for them ads, to contact directly with a user if he is interested in one ad or register free his ad. 

The spearhead of the platform is the security: through a row controls and interviews with users, the safe use of the platform is ensured at both levels processing of private data but also at the user level

They do not exist anonymously the nicknames profile and all users and ads go through a corresponding control which is constantly being optimized.  

The future her platform it looks brilliant as well as not only ensured his first financing, already started its operation in Poland, with the myroomie.gr while in the first quarter the extension in Czech republic, followed by Romania and Portugal until the end of 2023.