Student housing allowance: Increase in cohabitation allowance 

All students who started their studies at Higher Education Institutions in 2023 should be aware of the news regarding the student allowance. Of particular interest is the fact that compared to the previous year, changes have occurred, with the allowance reaching 2,000 euros in the case of cohabitation.  

The system will allow the submission of requests for the housing allowance for the academic year 2022-2023, once again, until Tuesday 03 October 2023 for those interested-beneficiaries who did not submit an application within the initial deadline (30/6-03/8) . 

In the event that the competent department of each Institution approves the details of cohabitation, the amount of 2,000 euros is paid. However, if they are rejected, the initial approval for 1,500 euros remains in effect. 

Applications are submitted through the special application on the website of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, at The beneficiary (either parent or student) will use the information provided by AADE for TAXISnet online services. It is necessary to have submitted a tax return for the year 2023. 

Most of the supporting documents are checked automatically through a connection with the Independent Public Revenue Authority, from where the corresponding data is obtained.  

Additional criteria for the cohabiting student, as applicable as last year, include the following: 

1. Academic Qualities of the co-resident student: The co-resident student must not have a degree from another Higher Education Institution and must not have exceeded the time of study provided by the Study Regulations. This is controlled automatically by interfacing the Application Information System with the Academic Identity Acquisition Information System. 

2. The student roommate must be studying in the same city or regional unit as the student for whom the student housing allowance application is made. This is also controlled automatically by interfacing the Application Information System with the Academic ID Acquisition Information System.  

3. The urban planning complex of Thessaloniki is considered as a city including the cities or areas that are less than twenty (20) kilometers away from the center of Thessaloniki. Also, the Region of Attica is considered as one city, except for the Regional Unity of Islands, as well as the cities or regions that are more than forty (40) kilometers from the center of Athens, which are considered as independent cities. 

4. The TIN that has been declared as a tenant on behalf of the other student must match the TIN of the roommate or include the student as a protected child in his tax return for the year 2022. 

5. In the event that the TINs in question do not match, a check is made with an automatic interface with the files of the Independent Public Revenue Authority. 

6. If the person listed on the lease is a parent or sibling of the roommate, a family status certificate showing the relationship must be provided. 

7. The rent sheet of the student housing allowance application must include the VAT number declared for the student roommate.